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Enjoy high-quality interactive books about the game of Go. Replay moves and solve problems directly within diagrams. A better experience than printed books, at half the price.

SmartGo One

The best way to read Go books on your iPhone or iPad.
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Go Books for Mac

Read your books on the Mac. View annotated SGFs as diagrams.
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Go Books as EPUB

Read your books as EPUB on Android or Windows, with interactive diagrams and problems. The EPUB files are DRM-free, allowing you to move your books to other platforms, and future-proof your investment in books.

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Interactive Problems

Interactive Problems

Problem diagrams are interactive: Play the move you think is correct, and Go Books will indicate whether you're right or wrong.

Inline Diagrams

Inline Diagrams

Tired of figuring out cryptic move sequences embedded in the text? Tap an inline diagram in Go Books to see those moves as a diagram.

A Complete Library

A Complete Library

Whether you’re just learning to play or look to deepen your skills, Go Books has you covered. With 159 books by all the main English-language publishers, painstakingly converted to digital format, Go Books will take your game to the next level.

Multi-lingual Books

Multi-lingual Books

Go Books includes 21 books that are multi-lingual – another language as well as English.

Buying Go Books

The Go Books app is available on multiple platforms, and so are your books. Any books you’ve bought are associated with your email address; just use your email to sign in to the Go Books app on each device, and it will download your books.

There are two ways to buy books:

  • Buy at gobooks.com: Click on the price button above the book description, enter your email and credit card information, then click Buy to purchase securely using Stripe.
  • Buy in-app on iOS: Download the free Go Books app on your iPad or iPhone. Read the free sample chapters, and click on the price button to buy a book using in-app purchase.

As Apple doesn’t provide developers with any customer information, you’ll need to tell the app about your email. Once your email is confirmed, books you buy at gobooks.com will show up in your app, and books you buy using in-app purchase will become available on other platforms.

You’ll need to confirm your email address for each device: We’ll send you an email (from support@smartgo.com) with a link, and you click on that link to verify that this is indeed your device and email. To register your email:

  • Mac: Choose Register in the Go Books menu.
  • iPad/iPhone: Tap the Settings icon in the top left of the book list, then choose Register Your Purchases.

We use your email to verify that you’re the person who bought a book, and to then securely download your books to your devices.

We will never give out or sell your email address (Privacy Policy).

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