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SmartGo Books FAQs

  • The newest books are not listed on my device

    There is a bug with the current iPad and iPhone version that sometimes keeps the list of books from updating — sorry about that. Workaround: Kill and restart the Go Books app, or restart your device.

  • Will books I purchase on my iPad also be available on my iPhone?

    Yes, any books you buy on your iPad will be available on your iPhone, and vice versa. Just tap on the tools icon in the top left of the app and choose ‘Restore Previous Purchases’ to make your purchases available on a different device.

  • My books are not showing up on the Mac

    You’ll also need to register your email on your iPad or iPhone, so that your books are properly associated with your email. Use Register Your Purchases on your device to do that. Please see Platforms for more information.

  • When will the Android version be available?

    The Android version is being developed independently, and the developer has had a number of setbacks and delays. The project is making progress, but I don’t have an estimated ship date yet.

  • Could you please add book X?

    Please let us know which Go books you'd like to see included in SmartGo Books. We will work with the publishers and see what we can do.

    Unfortunately, there are some frequently requested books that we are not able to add due to copyright and digital rights issues, including the amazing “Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go” by Kageyama Toshiro and “Opening Theory Made Easy” by Otake Hideo. You can order these as printed books from Kiseido or Amazon.

About Go Books

Go Books is created by Anders Kierulf at Smart Go Inc. Please see for other Go apps and more information.

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