SmartGo Books

Available Books

To buy a book, click on the price and buy securely at, and that book will be linked to your email address. The free Go Books app will use your email address to download your books. On your iPad or iPhone, you can also use in-app purchase. Learn about buying books on different platforms.

Books by Level

Here's a rough guide to books appropriate for your level of play.

Beginners (around 20 kyu)

Start here if you're unclear on the rules or basic concepts.

Double-Digit Kyu Players (20 to 10 kyu)

Once you know the rules, the following books will give you good guidance on how to improve.

Single-Digit Kyu Players (9 to 1 kyu)

Most books fall into this category. Pick the ones that fit your style and fill the holes in your knowledge.

Dan Players (1 to 6 dan)

Dan players will also enjoy and benefit from many of the books in the previous section; the following books are the ones that may be too challenging for kyu players.

Page counts are approximate based on two-column portrait layout on iPad with default font settings. Prices are subject to change. Learn about buying books on different platforms.